Issue #1 

A group of individuals at the St. Thomas Syro Malabar Church of San Francisco, a parish under the Eparchy of St. Thomas Syro Malabar Diocese of Chicago, who have called for austerity, for meekness, for transparency in handling the church funds, brought forward a long-hauling issue of using our native tongue ‘Malayalam’, for worship at least few times in a month, started receiving legal notices from a law firm in San Ramon, California demanding to Cease & Desist from calling out any such irregularities or take up matters that are key to the church goers effective immediately. The church, with the blessing of the Syro Malabar Chicago Diocese is now threatening these individuals by saying that the church will drag them into expensive lawsuits, prosecution and eventual jail term based on a list of fabricated lies which none of the laities in the parish will consciously bear witness except few in the ruling class those who are a part of this smear campaign of false hearted witch hunt. The Syro Malabar church as an entity preaching mercy and forgiveness whereas her deeds are becoming deeply excruciating to her followers and against any Christian teachings.


  • St. Thomas Syro Malabar Church of San Francisco, a parish under the Eparchy of St. Thomas Syro Malabar Diocese of Chicago has sent legal notices to 3 members of the said church
  • These legal letters from a law firm in San Ramon, California targeting these individuals with fabricated lies with the advice from the parish priest, trustees and few members of the Council with the blessings from the bishops of Chicago to our knowledge
  • The said attorney has directly called these individuals many times and insisted them to concede or face the wrath in the form of an expensive lawsuit
  • Few California Penal Codes enforced in the legal notices are CA PC 182 - criminal conspiracy, CA PC 236 - false imprisonment. CA PC 302 - disturbing worship and CA PC 246 - Assault and Battery
  • One among the legal notices has been attached herein 


  • We, as an Organization requesting and demanding the Catholic Church leaders to step in and statute an independent committee appointed by the Syro Malabar Church Cardinal under the supervision of Vatican to look into this grave issue
  • Laities for Justice, demands an immediate action plan to diffuse the damage this has been caused to the Parish, dismiss all stakeholders involved in this matter with an urgent apology to the people of the said parish
  • We humbly request the Cardinal and representatives from Vatican to look into similar issues with immediate effect to bring confidence among laities at the very earliest 
  • Cease all activities such as buying land, construction, fund raising etc until the matter has amicably settled and  justice, peace and public confidence among the church community have restored.
    If a church is more concerned with budgets & buildings than people...they should close their doors! The church without mercy is a fraud!