We demand transparency, accountability, integrity, meekness and justice


Our Mission is to call everyone’s attention on the distresses and injustices happening in and around the Eastern Churches, especially the Syro Malabar Church as a whole and her Eparchies Outside the Canonical Territories, particularly in the Americas, Europe and Australia. Laities for Justice is a not-for-profit organization envisioned to extend comfort and support to the church members through deliberations at various levels with the church establishments in the event of a conflict, provide legal support to those who are under criminal prosecution through deceitful lawsuits by various dioceses and parishes and thereby spread the true word of mercy, compassion and forgiveness of our Lord Jesus Christ among laities at the fullest possible extent. We are here to call for transparency, accountability, integrity and democracy at all levels and across all sectors of the Syro Malabar Church as she has a tainted image at the present day in her homeland Kerala, India and across other Eparchies in India and abroad due to causes such as priest abuses and molestations, the luxury life of most of the bishops and her powerful stranglehold over the laities.

Our Core demands are: transparency, accountability, integrity, solidarity, justice, democracy and meekness in the Syro Malabar Catholic Church



Find out about our organization, mission, our methods, and the how we support the needy at an hour of injustice.

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Empathy leads to a genuine encounter,
we have to progress toward this culture
of encounter, in which heart speaks to heart...”
Pope Francis